Scholarship program

Meeting of Instituto Mattos Filho scholarship recipients, 2019

Meeting of Instituto Mattos Filho scholarship recipients, 2019

Instituto Mattos Filho grants scholarships to law students, especially at the undergraduate level, through partnerships with universities and social organizations. This initiative aims to bring greater diversity to professional profiles in the Brazilian legal sector, and so it is particularly focused towards students with high academic potential but who face socio-economic hardship.

As well as seeking to reduce levels of inequality in accessing quality higher education, the scholarships also serve to boost the careers of students intending to work in fields associated with human rights and citizenship in the future.

Instituto Mattos Filho offers two types of scholarships to students. One type is awarded via the institute’s partnership with educational institutions and social organizations, while the other is paid directly to the students themselves. In the case of the latter, students are also directly selected by Instituto Mattos Filho, and the scholarships can be used either to cover tuition costs or living expenses.


Mentoring program

Instituto Mattos Filho does not only offer scholarship recipients financial assistance for their law courses. It also gives them the opportunity to meet monthly with an appointed mentor – a partner or senior associate at Mattos Filho, or otherwise a professional from partnering institutions in the legal sector. Mentors provide academic and professional guidance, while also supporting students in developing relevant social and behavioral skills for the workplace. Moreover, the program provides students with a relationship and support network, which can be decisive as they move into their legal careers.

Scholarship recipients will also have access to Mattos Filho’s library, where they can find bibliographical references and attend specific training sessions at the firm’s corporate academy.