The Artigo Quinto project was created to clearly inform people about their fundamental rights and responsibilities as guaranteed in Article 5 of the Brazilian Constitution. The project was carried out with the political education NGO Politize!, and was the first of Instituto Mattos Filho’s projects linked to the pillar of developing new methods to spread awareness of the law and legal system. A number of Mattos Filho’s professionals volunteered to take part in the project, as well as students who had been awarded scholarships by Instituto Mattos Filho.

The Artigo Quinto project involves the development of texts, videos and podcasts that explain Article 5 of the Brazilian Constitution, including its head provision, 78 items and four paragraphs. Importantly, this material explains Article 5 in a clear and easy-to-understand way, providing context and incorporating everyday applications to make it more accessible to the public. It also addresses issues such as gender equality, the right to privacy, freedom of thought, freedom of religion, torture and inhumane treatment.

The Artigo Quinto project in numbers

May 2019 to June 2021
3.4 millions
website views
video views
podcast plays

Four webinars were conducted as an extension of the Artigo Quinto project, addressing the fundamental rights provided for in the Brazilian Constitution. The webinars also saw the participation of Mattos Filho’s partners and associates. Watch (in Portuguese):